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any update on this? I guess you should get this out 

Here is the screenshot of program page, I see the same for funds and follows, I am recommending to use shorting acronyms like M for month, Y for year etc same way you used in Grid layout

also can you please change the age column in the row layout of programs/funds/follow to use M, Y, D instead of months, a year, etc. this will make it consistent and concise. Thanks

Also, I have sent another feedback a while ago regarding the explainer video. So if the team has explainer video ready. they can put that in the top slider. so that when someone clicks website, even before scrolling down, he should get the context of what is doing in 2mins.  I have seen that this works for many customers and boost their engagement. Research has been done and it is evident that many users when they click on ad leave the website without even scrolling down. So the key is highlighting the main content in the top 1500px (default laptop, phone , ipad display area). 

So if you implement my top 2 points (initial top feedback), all will be using website to get the summary of top programs instead of going to individual funds/programs/follow pages separately. The benefit will help search engine to boost ranking and eventually will come in the top if someone searches for related words. subpages usually doesn't get indexed well by the search engine. That's the reason landing page content is very important. 

Thank you. I understand that you encourage investors to get familiarize which is fine but creating a perception in mind to have invested is a different strategy as well. I have good experience in Google Adwords etc and I know that creating perception works.

I hope the team is also working on this as well because this will boost the new marketing campaign that will start with new major release update

also, you can keep GVT allocation to 1% for >=90% tether (USDT) allocation funds. 

Nicely explained, This should be marked as accepted answer

very hypothetical. You didn't respond to points he has pointed . Anyway I rest my case here. 

I understand that investor will lose profit when they convert from GVT and that's why I mentioned the point that GV team has to use reserved cash/BTC for the payouts (if investor wants to sell profit GVT instantly) and later GV team sell those obtained GVT in exchange in a way that it does not impact the buy/sell pressure. This way investor will not lose any profit in conversion.  

This is what was discussed and agreed on last year.  I am not proposing anything new here

PS: I hope down the line binance allow USDT/GVT pairing and that will ease up this conversion hack as well.