How to Begin Investing

Before you read: Please note that all the passwords, codes, account numbers, etc… displayed in this guide are not actual but made only for demonstration purposes to answer questions regarding how to use the platform.

First up, you will obviously need to register on the platform as an investor.  Once you’ve done that, you will need to make a deposit. On the Genesis Vision platform, you can only use GVT in order to invest in investment programs or GV Funds. However, you can deposit not only GVT but BTC and ETH as well. It will be instantly converted.

In order to make a deposit, press a plus icon in the top right corner of the screen.

In the pop-up window, you will be select the currency of the deposit. If you enter the amount you are going to deposit, you will be able to see an approximate amount of GVT you will receive as a result of the conversion.

You can always keep track of your current balance in the top right corner of the platform. Once your deposit reflects on your balance, you can start to invest.

Choose the investment program that meets your requirements and has available funds. Proceed to the program details and press invest.

Enter the amount of the desired investment in the pop-up window. Don’t forget to check the commission sizes. Press confirm.

Congratulations! You’ve sent a request for investment. Please note, that your funds will be deposited to the manager only at the end of the reporting period of his investment program.

You can keep track of your current requests from the Dashboard section of the platform. You can also cancel your investment request there.

You will be notified when your investment is accepted by the manager. Once it is accepted, you will be able to monitor the performance of your investment from the dashboard.

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