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I would like to add a point to that. Like braidenshaw mentioned the system incentivises managers to take a higher risk to land in one of the spots that can level up and traders with consistent gains might not be able to level up though they are bringing in consistent profits. So to some extent the system might reward excessive risk taking. Particularly at the lower levels. 

Why not tie the amount that can be managed to time? So lets say if you have only a trading history of 1 month you are only allowed to take n amount of gvt and if you have a history of e.g. 6 months allow a higher amount to be managed. With increasing trading history investors should be able to judge themselves whether a trader is good or not and be able to pick a program based on their taste for risk/profit. This would be more neutral in a sense, that it does not provide any incentives/disincentives to trade in a certain way to level up. Otherwise under the current system I see a risk, that programs taking a higher risk will be disproportionally represented in higher levels and less managers with a low risk profile will be in higher levels. 

The other point I was referring to is in the personal Dashbord. There overall profits are measured in GVT. 

Due to the drop in the GVT price that is quite a profit. However in terms of USD I am only up a little bit. 2 USD or so. 

So the 9 USD profit are equivalent to the 0.9 GVT which are to a big part caused by the price drop. Would be great to have also the percentage increase/change in terms of USD. So for example 50 USD invested current worth 55 USD profit in terms of USD 10%.  Same for Bitcoin, which is already the case for individual programs but not for the dashboard. I hope my remarks are understandable. 

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I am referring to this one (picture below) in the general Investor Portal Overview of the programs. I see it now that there is a column for currency (BTC in all programs I think). Took me some time to see that. So maybe it would make sense to make this a bit clearer.