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Hello. It would be great if the platform also showed trading statistics of all its users. For example, in the last 24 hours or 1 hour, how many users, trades, contracts  bought / sold BTC, GOLD, Nasdaq, etc. That would give information on market sentiment.

Hi, in the same order of ideas, GV should attract trading instructors or trading schools that have a large following on social media, to have an increase in the use of the platform. GV must propose them a good offer with the clear advantages of using GV and thus attract their subscribers. For example, some of these instructors already promote certain trading platforms with their affiliate link because they receive a bonus for each new subscriber on the platform. Some instructors sell courses through their social networks and have a large number of subscribers. If some of them promote GV there is no doubt that there would be a growth of the operations in GV, and GVT would go up. Another idea could be that through a smart contract on the platform, the subscribers of a certain instructor can pay for the course they sell after being successful in trading. Let me explain: A person may only have $ 1,000 to start trading, but the course is worth $ 500. Through a smart contract, this person agrees to pay for the course. In this sense, the platform should include a teaching area from the entire world of trading, as there are many novice traders.