Anonymous 6 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 5 years ago 3

1) It would be great to know where our tokens are... right now, I don't know if my tokens are actively being traded or if they're waiting to be accepted. 

2) Notifications when requests get denied or accepted would be great. 

3) Lastly, knowing how much we have invested in a manager would make sense. I know how much money I have with a manager, but I don't easily know which amount I initially put it.



i agree with this, ideally investors would have a summary of amount invested and current value in gvt and maybe dollars.

Currently as an investor i’m totally lost on the platform and haven’t got a clue where my coins are.

Under review

Thanks for your feedback! We have already anounced tha a queue for a purchasing of managers' tokens will be canceled. So, a question "where are my tokens now?" will be not able to make sense. As for notifications, it will be implemented too. A dashboard will be optimized.