Improve clarity with regards to which managers you are currently invested in.

Demifnt 6 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 5 years ago 3

Right now, if you have tried to invest in multiple managers, it quickly becomes confusing in which investors you are actually invested in, as some might cancel your requests or accept them. For example, in the dashboard I have multiple managers whom I have tried to invest in, but it is entirely unclear which managers actually accepted my request. Only managers that have accepted your requests should be visible and managers that did not accept a request should receive a seperate tab in the dashboard, or some history/pending feature to make it more obvious. 

On another smaller note: in the programs section, some text is clipping on the right side with latest transactions. Adding scrolling bar would help here. 


There should be at least a “Favorites” options to only see the mangers you “Favaorite”

Under review

Thanks for your feedback! It has been already transefered to our technical specialists. It will be corrected in the nearest future.