Make an option to queue, or cancel every extra investment that is placed once trader money cap is reached

Hudak E 6 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 4 years ago 2

Let us know when trader is full on money limit and make an option to queue (and to see how many investors/money are in a queue before us), or cancel the investment with the pop-up window on every extra investment that is placed once trader money cap is reached, because lot of ppl are waiting with their money on queue for a trader not knowing he cant accept their investments because he is full on money limit.

Let us know he is full and give us option to Queue or cancel so we can invest into another trader, of if he is our favorite one, we can just simply queue into.

But right now, there is no feedback and lot of ppl dont know whats happening.

Also, we should be able too see from the Programs window if the trader is open to a new money to be invested of if he is already full.

Under review

Hello and thank you for your suggestion!

Sorry for a delayed reply, however we are currently working on the issue.

Here is a statement from the latest update report:

  1. Queues for purchasing managers’ tokens will be removed. Currently, investors can make requests for buying managers’ tokens and cancel them freely. However, the ability to make a request for to engage in an investment, even if a manager lacks available tokens, exists; which makes the investment process unclear because investors cannot be sure whether their request will be accepted. That’s why queues to purchase managers’ tokens will be removed and only available tokens will be open to investors’ requests. If they wish to cancel a request, they will have to pay a percentage to do so.

In the future the issue should be eliminated completely, along with the introduction of the internal exchange. 

If you want to find out more information, you can check out the report here https://blog.genesis.vision/update-report-bffb5c00121c

Thank you!