Visibility and Notification

giffen derek 6 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 5 years ago 3

This seriously needs an additional tab showing exactly where my gvt is, where it has been successfully invested, where it is waiting to be invested, how long until it might be invested, with active notifications and alert as to what has happened and is waiting to happen. If there isn't 100% clarity on one single page where my entire GVT balance is, waiting to be invested or otherwise already invested then the confidence just isn't there. Clarity and simplicity thats what is needed. No doubt the information is all in there, but it most definitely isn't in a simple overview form on a single page for the investor to see


This, and also once we can see where our GVT is we should also be able to have a clear overview as to how much profit/loss we did make with a particular program (Dollar-wise & GVT-wise). I think its important that the user can see this clearly, the problem I foresee is the following:

People invest for example 30 GVT, the manager makes 10% profit during the trading period, during the trading period the price of GVT grows with 20%. Investors (Especially people who are newly attracted to the platform) won't understand that they put in 30 GVT, their chosen manager makes profit, but they get less GVT back. That's why I think its important users can monitor the GVT worth of their investment anytime so people get less dissapointed.

Under review

Thanks for your feedback! It has been implemented for the new update. Follow this)