Allow Managers to Accept More During Demo Period

giffen derek 5 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 4 years ago 4

Why not during this demo period, allow the managers to accept a greater amount of investors? It would allow us as investors to see some positives on our side for now. I understand during full launch that who can take what will be limited, but it would be nice just now for a short period, for us to see our investments mostly get accepted rather than rejected waiting on a possible slot day after day. It'll give us a s investors something more to look forward to and watch, whilst allowing future potential managers to build up their trading stats and popularity. Allowing to just get invested will help a lot with investor confidence initially to see and feel from our end the results, before limiting managers to their set amounts


That will expose investors to excessive risk and also limit the investments received by relatively new managers. I do not recommend it.


Having now watched the live stream, I see that the managers need to be also able to build up their tiers. So, I agree, for both sides to get the right experience. As an investor, a little patience is really needed. I'd delete the request if I could

Under review

Thanks for your feedback! We launched the demo regime of the Alpha to check a lot of technical things. The changing of the details of the alpha's work can lead us to a wrong understanding of a platform's work. So, it is impossible.