Show unrealized profit or loss of programs

Boom 5 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 4 years ago 4

I am testing the manager's portal and I see that since the profit or loss of open positions are not shown so I can close only the positions in profit and the investors will not know of the loss. The investors will likely increase investment and the manager will get more commission.


+1: I think this is why some manager account metrics look confusing to me.  I've seen a couple with several hundred trades and 0% gain/loss profit, which would be quite a feat; looking at their graphs shows an actual value change but it's not reflected in their profile summary.  Perhaps a verbiage change of "Avg Profit" > "Avg Realized Profit" and maybe a hover or sub text which shows their unrealized profit/loss.


I have also noticed that the 'Avg Profit' is only counting periods where profit was taken. When I scroll through programs, and see a manager with average profit of 8%, I think 'I should invest in this guy!'  But in reality, hes had 10 reporting periods, and only one of the days actually had profit. The average SHOULD be the average profit hes had since he began managing, and what I would have if I invested in every one of his cycles. Instead of 8%/1, it should be 8% / 10, and thus a much much lower average profit. This would show that if I invest in his program, I am more likely to get a 0 profit period than a 8% profit period.

Under review

Greetings and thank you for your suggestion!

The development team is aware of the issue, it should be fixed in the nearest future, please keep tuned!