3 critiques

Corey McLean 5 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 4 years ago 2

overall I love the UI and think this looks and runs beautifully. However I do find these three points frustrating. 

1.) Investment clarity

When you allocate your gvt it says “invest” but it should be made clear that this is a request pending approval. So far all of my requests have been denied but I have no way of knowing that. A notification would go a long way - also a little info within the app of how this process works. I could see users getting really irritated if they click invest, walk away, and return at a later date to find that it was rejected.

2.) wallet overview

I feel as though the wallet is bordering on too sleek at the expense of valuable information the investor would want to see. Itd be great to see pending requests versus available balances versus locked in investment funds. I also think it’d be nice to always be able to see your available balance in wallet (similar to the binance dropdown tip right) I recognize that gvt is going for a very sleek design, but I think the wallet should be very info rich for the user. 

3.) dashboard labeling 

As much as I like the iconography I think it’s a little unclear to a new user where you are navigating. Simply think this should be labeled, even if it’s just a rollover. I think it should be really clear cut to a first time user. 

Otherwise, I think everything looks really nice. 

Under review

Greetings and sorry for a late reply!

Some of the described issues are already in the process of fixing, some will be fixed along with the future updates. 

You can check out our latest update report here - https://blog.genesis.vision/update-report-bffb5c00121c
All the other critiques described in your post should be fixed fairly soon as well.

Keep tuned and thank you for your time, sir!