Dashboard should feel more comfortable

E S 6 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 5 years ago 2

It is a little disorienting when trying to understand the value of my portfolio.

First of all, the profit chart - it feels a little unclear what this chart represents. Maybe for some people it is obvious, but I am sure a lot of people does not understand it.

Second, it would be great to have a view on what is my potential profit. For example, if I invested 100 GVT in a program, and the manager performs well and now my tokens are worth 150 GVT, the potential profit is 50. Or even including the managers 2 fees. This way investors could easily checkup on their total portfolio and understand their situation quickly.

Thank you.

Under review

Thank you for your constuctive feedback!

The alpha stage of the platform is not representative of the final product and we will make sure to constantly upgrade the platform and improve the user experience.

Please keep tuned, we are sure that most of the described issues will be fixed in the nearest future.

Thank you for your time!