Add a switch for volume based limits on trading and make this a searchable parameter for selecting managers

Ace 6 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 6 years ago 1

A concern of mine is exit scams. Such as someone creates a profile on an exchange which has a coin only traded there and is super low volume / worthless. They buy lots of this coin and then use their trading account to buy these tokens. GV holders are left holding the bag.

Verification (another feedback point already raised) helps prevent this with accountability but another solution would be an optional restriction on low volume markets. Traders should only be able to trade in markets which have a daily volume X% higher than their total portfolio where x% is a high number.

As the smaller markets have an ability to give better returns, this would be an optional switch to give investors and traders the choice to take on this additional risk but you could see if this has been enabled before choosing an investor. Not everyone wants crazy returns at high risk, outperforming a bank account over the year may be some peoples goals so being able to choose lower risk traders will be a bonus.


Thanks for your feedback! Our public policy doesn't allow us to limit managers or investors. If managers want to trade within particular market, we have not got an opportunity to limit him or her. 

Anyway, our risk poliycy has already developed and it means  that we will notice all the participants about the risks before their trading activity.