Display how much is Manager token worth in USD/GVT.

Hudak E 6 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 5 years ago 3

I can invest into a manager and i will get his tokens. I have invested in Manager1 and Manager2. I have 404,6 tokens of Manager1 and 6 tokens of Manager2. Can i see hows their token valuated in GVT/USD ?

Because now i have no clue about whats my porfolio worth in any manager i have invested in and i have no clue how much are their coins worth and what value im holding.


Hi Hudak, I partially agree with you. I can see amount of manager's token I hold and their value in USD on the web version, but mobile version shows only  amount of tokens(mobile client for iOS). Hope DEV will fix it.

Under review


For the time being, all of managers tokens cost 1 USD.

But we agree, the issue will be forwarded to the development team, and hopefully this will be fixed in the nearest future. 

Thank you for your feedback!