Display how much are Manager tokens worth and how much of them i am buying with GVT

Hudak E 5 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 4 years ago 2

Right now when i choose to buy from Manager1 I will invest 10 GVT, it shows im investing 160$ but it should also display how much is his single token worth and how much of his tokens i will receive (also the name of his token)

Manager1 have token named MANAGERCOIN (MNC). 

1MNC = 1,875 $

1MNC = 0,11 GVT

So i know im investing 10GVT worth of 160$ and i will get 300 MNG tokens. This all should be calculated and displayed when buying a coin

All i need to do next day is to only check MNG price and i will know how much USD/GVT i have made/lose. (Just like buying any crypto and checking its price on exchange or Coinmarketcap)

Under review

Thanks for your feedback! In the current situation, it is impossible because of technical reasons. But we are thinking about it and in the future it will be implemented.