Investors need to know immediately if a manager cannot accept new investments

stevepirsich 6 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 5 years ago 2

Attempting to invest into a manager and waiting for the requisite trading period to end only to find out that your coins have been returned to you because the manager cannot accept any more investments is a terribly frustrating experience.   There needs to be a mechanism in place while attempting to invest that lets the investor know exactly how much (if any) gvt/money the manager can currently accept.

There is no way this platform should go live without that in place.

Under review


Thank you for your feedback. Here is a statement from the latest update report - 

  1. Queues for purchasing managers’ tokens will be removed. Currently, investors can make requests for buying managers’ tokens and cancel them freely. However, the ability to make a request for to engage in an investment, even if a manager lacks available tokens, exists; which makes the investment process unclear because investors cannot be sure whether their request will be accepted. That’s why queues to purchase managers’ tokens will be removed and only available tokens will be open to investors’ requests. If they wish to cancel a request, they will have to pay a percentage to do so.

In the future the issue will be eliminated completely along with the launch of the internal exchange. You can rest assured, that the issue will be fixed completely by the time the platform goes live.

Thank you!