Managers/Investors communication and diverse feedbacks.

laz 5 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 4 years ago 3


First of all my experience with the Genesis Vision investor (android) app and website was really great so far. Here is my suggestions and feedbacks after using this product since day one.

Right now the communication between the managers and the investors is not existant which is not alarming since we are in a very early alpha phase. I think it would be great to implement news channels unique for every programs to keep the investors informed. One public channel open to everybody with basic informations like when the managers is stopping trading, what he trades etc.. And a private one where he can interact more closely with the people already invested in his program(s). Good communication between clients/pros is a must have imo.

Other general feedbacks :

- Topham21 program is showing a -2962% manager share, bugs.

- Enabling notifications when we are refunded our GVT/receiving managers tokens/receiving profits we help to dissolve the confusion I have when using the app.

I'll post more bugs report if I find any.


Agree using iOS app. Need some type of communication channel for investor manager. I am confused with profits shown. I tried splitting my investment tokens between 4 managers but can’t really tell if any investing has been done on 3 of them.

Under review


Thank you for your time and constuctive criticism. To be completely transparent - some of the issues are currently in the process of fixing, so you might be able to see those resolved quite soon.

As for the other critiques - we will forward all of it to our developers. 

Keep tuned!