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R-7 Semyorka 6 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 5 years ago 6

Great job guys! I'm supper excited to see how the end product will look, and even more excited about the approach that you guys are following - releasing an MVP and allowing the community to be involve as soon as possible.

I was lucky enough to have worked in Russia for 2.5 years and I am well aware off the work ethic and productivity over there

Here are a few ideas from my side -


  1. The application icon might look better if the edges are rounded instead of square (maybe with a shadow or even a completely round icon)
  2. Dashboard: display your daily profit or loss underneath your total portfolio value (be able to switch between 'daily' or 'all-time' and between percentage or nominal)
  3. Dashboard: If you scroll down until the portfolio value (and the new profit and loss indicator) is not visible  anymore, then display a smaller version of it in the header of the screen.
  4. Settings: Create a setting (3 dots) button in the top right of the screen. This is a place holder for all future configurations (E.g. 2FA), but for now you can display the App version and buttons that link to the following -
    • Report Bug, Review App, Share App
  5. Maybe a good idea during the Alpha is to show a release notes popup when the application starts after an update has been installed - this is a great way to interactively share with the  community the apps progress.
  6. Profile Screen: provide option to link account with social media - this can import some default information and your avatar.
  7. Profile Screen: Use a select box for the country field (maybe also display the country flags)
  8. Profile Screen: Have option to upload document via using mobile camera.
  9. Programs: It will will be great if you can star programs to add to your favorites.
  10. Programs: A lot has been said about searching and filtering, but I feel that investors should be able to do advance filtering / searching on all the programs attributes -
    • Program name, manager name, management fee, success fee, trade level, profit, investors amount, available spots in next reporting period, instruments, etc.
  11. Program Details: Split program details into 4 sections (e.g. tabs) -
    1. Profile: A cover page with all the program and manager personal info, background, details of the team, strategy, instruments, photos, links, videos etc.
    2. Results: All the program's statistics and graphs. The amount of investors, etc 
    3. History: Trading history 
    4. Comments: A section to make it more interactive where investors can have discussions regarding the program or ask questions to the manager. (the manager can moderate his own comment section)

To be honest, item 2 & 3 are ideas taken from Delta (the crypto portfolio manager app) so you can have a look to get an idea.

That's all for now




GVT alpha will be PERFECT if the team can implement these. Thanks for this vital contribution.


Thanks David. I've been a software engineer for 16 years working on financial trading systems. If only the time and the opportunity - I would work on this project and help for free. I really believe that this is going to be huge if they can pull it off. 

Under review


Thank you for your suggestions, not only did you put time and effort into these, but moreover, they are great!

We will forward all of the ideas to the development team and we will hope to improve the platform greatly, by the time of the final product release.

Огромное спасибо!)


Great suggestions!