Manager closed program, tokens not returned

Gerard 6 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 4 years ago 7

I've had a manager close a program I've invested in but it seems that my tokens have not been returned. I can see i have manager tokens still in the archived program, but there is no option to withdraw /convert back into GVT. 

Also suggest some kind of notification for the investor if a manager closes a program. 



As a manager I've closed a program yet my funds have not been returned so I cannot start a new program. I did try to withdraw whilst the progam was active so this may be causing the issue. Either way problem/bug


Same problem here. I've got 10 tokens in Topham27. Program is shown as closed but the tokens haven't been returned to me


Same problem.. lools like my 20 gvt got lost

Under review

Thanks for your feedbacks! Actually, the notifications will be implemented in the nearest future. As for tokens, Please, contact our support service.support@genesis.vision


This is a potentially serious flaw so please inform the community when it s fixed . : )

Don't really understand why we are being asked to email support privately concerning lost tokens... 

This is a serious issue and i see it is still happening to investors who hold tokens in closed programs. 

Can we please get a public explanation of why this is happening and how it will be avoided in the future?