BUG - manager program closed and funds not returned to manager

ryan 6 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 5 years ago 5

ok so i created a L&H program early last week called 'genesis test' by user apollo.

before the period started i tried to withdraw the funds.

my program was scheduled to start saturday 11am gmt.

i did a couple of successful test trades on friday evening generating $140 profit (forex)

on Saturday i made 2 loss trades totaling $20 (crypto).

as the period was nearing an end i closed the program and that cancelled any investors requests.

now when i login my program is sat in the finished section as expected however my wallet states that i have 0 gvt, i cannot open a new program as i do not have a balance and am told 'not enough money' when i try to open one.

please look at this as this could lose manager appeal if there is to be a long wait for funds retunred when closing a program.

...also if i made $120 profit through 4 transactions (off and on period) then id expect my stats to state that ive made, instead they say -0.1% and a 1.17 gvt loss.


i am unable to cancel the withdraw request, the button is highlighted yet i cannot click it

Under review

Thanks for your feedback! Please, if such situation occurs again, please, contact with our support service:support@genesis.vision


did that and no response. profile is still 0 gvt after closing program


guys, you need to make sure this never happens again... this seems like a core functionality bug