Cannot find my 100 Gvt

Tom 6 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 5 years ago 2

I’m on the iOS app on my iPad . I look under my dashboard and it shows I have invested 162 Gvt . I look at each of the managers shown under my dashboard and for each one I have invested in adding up my GVT my total is less than the 100 I started with. This includes what is in my wallet.

I requested many times with different managers and cancelled the requests after 24hrs or so when no response was given. I think I withdrew from 2 managers before the end of the trade cycle due to either poor return percent or the cycle ended in a few hours and I was not going to be back on the app for several hrs and wanted to reinvest.

Why does my Gvt not add up?

Under review

Thanks for your feedback! It may be because of "a queue" for purchasing managers' tokens. Probably, you didn't cancel a request for this. For a more accurate answer, please, contact our support service: support@genesis.vision