GVT should hire a User Experience (UX) teammember

torfinseth 6 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 4 years ago 4

While I appreciate the minimalist dashboard and think it is aesthetically pleasing , GVT really needs to hire someone for UX designing. There are a number of design features that have simple fixes. for example:

1) the mobile graphs of for managers have no context without axis, metrics, values

2) The token bars (which I appreciate the addition), need values and better distinction if a manager has no tokens or all of the tokens available.

3) Users need to be able to filter out long investment periods and managers who already have no tokens.

4) The online investor portal block graphs are ambiguous, and its not clear what the black line is associated with. 

5) Similar to Pinterest, the user falls into the trap of "abundance" where users are overwhelmed with potential managers and end up possibly picking a manager arbitrarily. 


My point being the team really needs someone who has knowledge in Human Computer Interaction to fix some of these issue. While it may be nice to get feedback from everyone on this website, a UX person can help with screen design and layout, usability issue, browsability, recoverability if users make errors, etc. The benefit of a UX teammember is that the investor platform would be more intuitive and designed for a larger population.


Actually, what a UX professional would do is put a mock-up or MVP in front of users and get feedback from them, which is exactly what the team is doing, and they are doing it quite well. So I would say there is no real need for a UX designer so far. Let's see how the team builds on our feedback.

Under review

Hi there!

Thank you for the suggestion, the team is already in the process of looking for a specialist to help us fix all of the described issues.

One thing you can rest assured about is that the current version of the platform is not set in stone, it is a subject of change. We will modify, upgrade, improve and tweak it until both the team and our clients are fully satisfied with the product.

Nevertheless, thank you for your time and suggestions, we really appreciate it.