Sell in/out , buy in/out, trade info, manager coins, indicators and breakdowns

jdkiger 6 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 5 years ago 2

I'd like it if there could be a small information pop up when I click the sell in/out, buy in/out on the managers trades. I assume one is a selling a short (in) or selling in general (out)?  Also maybe a similar thing for the trade such as "USDTRY.c" is that a US Bond?  Also I see those bars that are colored in for token availability. When the whole thing is blue does that mean no or full availability? I'm not seeing which managers do for example crypto or forex.  Is each manager allowed to trade any and everything or are they supposed to just trade in one arena? I'd like to see a full breakdown of fees after a manager is finished trading.  I only had one manager trade for me so far (that's the only one that accepted)  seems he didn't do hardly any trades so the I suppose the management fee was taken and that's it.  100gvt went in and 96.15gvt came out. I'd like to be able to click on a transaction such as the +96.15gvt and see the breakdown of 100gvt in 3.85 gvt for fees. Also I'd like to click on archived managers and see a breakdown that is particular to my exact trade   information.  Like figure out the percent of the managers tokens I have and cater the information in relation to that percentage, only for me not the total for everyone who invested in the manager.  Also I know the point is to buy manager tokens, but when I choose to invest my portfolio says 0.00 until he accepts.  Shouldn't there be something that says I own a particular amount of managers coins or at least there being something saying I've got my gvt "in escrow" so to speak.  I know we are in alpha and I got a feeling this will be a great platform,  however there's still a long way to go from a user perspective. 

Under review

Thx for your feedback! We are thinking about it.