KYC for managers

Alex 6 years ago updated by c digiola 6 years ago 3

It would be beneficial for trust and transparency if managers are either required to do KYC with Genesis Vision or can do so optionally. 

If it is optional there should be a label on the managers profile (similar to the blue check mark on Twitter) that indicates that the managers real identity is known to Genesis Vision. 

This would be a strong motivator for managers not to engage in any fraudulent activities since they could be legally persecuted easily as their real identity is known.


+1 I also request KYC for managers. Possibly optional KYC with verified status for managers who have completed it. Something like verified twitter accounts.



Obviously, some of the features were not enabled for the demo stage of the Alpha, such as KYC or 2FA. 

You can expect all of those features appear as soon as the platform goes real GVT.

Thank you for the suggestion and your time! 


I' d say KYC should be optional. "Verified" managers will inspire more trust and will benefit from their transparency by attracting more investors, but it shouldn't be compulsory for managers to reveal their identity. Especially for crypto traders: this is a space where people value their anonymity.