Withdrawing from program message said "request to buy tokens sent successfully"

giffen derek 5 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 4 years ago 5

Should the message not read request to sell tokens rather than buy? Or am I interpreting the message wrong? This happens when selling my managers tokens to exit the investment program

This was on the web version :-)

Under review

Thanks for your feedback! Please, could you provide a screenshot of the problem?

After clicking on withdraw button from the 1st picture, when the popup closes and I am back on my dashboard, the message at the bottom right appears (see 2nd Pic) saying request to buy tokens sent successfully.... Since I am withdrawing, is the message correct? In pic 1 I am confirming the sale of tokens via the sell button, but the message after popup confirms a buy request. It is confusing using two different terminologies. It should really read "sell" instead.


Thanks for your help! It will be fixed in the nearest future.