Not a bug

Buttons look click-able when they can't

Ace 5 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 5 years ago 4

Invest button and withdraw button look click-able but does nothing. If you show things like this let me click them and show an error otherwise let me hover over the button to see what the problem is like "insufficient funds".

If its a problem I can fix, like adding funds, give me the option to go to the place to fix it (like the deposit page).

Specifically, this is the invest button on the programme details page.

To add, this button starts to work after I have invested in my first manager.

I agree. I clicked the 'invest' button on a program that wasn't enabled (whatever that means!!!!!!!), like 5 times before I realized it was greyed out. Just remove the button entirely if it isn't available!

Not a bug

Thanks for your feedback! It will be fixed in the nearest update.