cant trade crypto beyond 4pm on saturday?

ryan 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 5

in the j2t demo i can not trade crypot beyond 4pm on a saturday? is this likely to happen on the gen vis live too? seems silly to close the market when crypot trades 24/7....


nor 4pm on sunday??

crypto is 24/7!!!


Thank for your feedback! Unfortunately, but it is very difficult to discover the problem even day later. Please, if you have problems or questions, text to our support service in this time when you realized the problem: support@genesis.vision


this doesnt require an specific time limit, its simple = u cannot trade crypto after 4pm on a saturday or sunday GMT


If you have been following the update, you'll realise that full crypto trading will only be possible once their crypto broker (Genesis Markets) is launched. Right now, you'll be restricted by tools4brokers trading rules until GM is live.


thanks dude, would of been good of support to have explained that.