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Regarding the Telegram admin, Suleman90.

Shon 5 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 4 years ago 10

One of the admins on the telegram, Suleman90, has been accusing people of non-constructive criticism and banning them for voicing their opinions. He asks people to be nothing but "positive" but anything he doesn't agree with is deemed negative. As a Genesis Vision investor, I find this quite troubling that you would allow such an unprofessional person to reduce the size of the community, create such hostility and have them feel ostracized for simply voicing their opinions.


I just saw the conversations. That was quite unfair and honestly, very childish of him. I was looking for some past comments as well but he deletes a lot of stuff where he was being rude with people.


wow yeah i saw what happened that was dick move on his part he also deleted some of my questions because they werent good enough apparently. what a dick


It's about time some of you started pointing this out. Getting tired of his policing...


great use of the dev teams time reading this...


Indeed it is very sad that people had to get to this point instead of resolving it in the Telegram - which they can't do because they're banned.


pathetic why grass on whats being discussed in telegram to the dev team, id say lets give them the feedback they need re the platform so they can improve it and release a live product but clearly too many emotions involved here, even a -2 on my comment would suggest people feel a better use of the dev teams time is to clean up the mess that they assigned admins to avoid in the first place. sigh


This isn't Reddit and not the appropriate place to post this. Could someone delete this?

Under review

Thank for your feedback! Our public policy is based on openness and it is not good when someone limits someone. So, could you provide us with some evidence of the behaviour? If we find it unlogical, we definitely will take steps!