Please implement KYC for managers, but keep it optional

c digiola 5 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 2

I saw some tickets asking for a KYC process for managers. While I think it is a good idea, I also think it should remain optional. 

 "Verified" managers will inspire more trust and will benefit from their transparency by attracting more investors. I think this is enough and we should let the market incentivize managers to complete a KYC process.

However, as long as regulations do not make it compulsory, it shouldn't be compulsory for managers to reveal their identity. Especially for crypto traders: this is a space where people value their anonymity. The entire space is anonymous. If investors do not want to invest in anonymous crypto traders, then they just won't. But please do not force crypto traders to reveal their identity.

I also wish to know if KYC will be compulsory or optional for managers.


Thanks for your feedback! Since we can't limit the managers in their choose of market to trade (FOREX, crypto, CFD and so on), the optional KYC will be distributed to the other markets too. Thus, an optional KYC will be connected with not only cryptotraders. But  our development strategy is based on transparency and safety, it means that we must provide it to Genesis Vision investors.