Historical Report of Managers

Va Da 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 2

To make better investment, there should be a feature for the investor to get a Historical Report of the Managers profit ratings: a) Top 10 b) Top 100 c) by Manager Name d) between Time Periods. 

This will help me as an investor to understand which Manager has a better track record to invest wisely.


Thanks for your feedback! A historical report is already availble for each particular manager. In the future, the information about their trading activity will be added. Also, we are planing to add a sorting by the time period (day, week, mounth etc.) and we are going to add a filtres by the total profit, avg. profit and so on. Follow the update!

Can you please make sure that these Reports can be saved as an Excel File so that I can share the file from my Android phone to my e-mail. for further analysis.