closed program on 3rd and still no funds returned

ryan 6 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 5 years ago 7

i emailed about this and have had no response.

i opened a program did a couple of trades and then closed it. expecting the gvt to be returned at end of trading period i have now waited over 20 days and still cannot open another program.

the program is called 'genesis test' by user Apollo

inside the program i can see it is pending withdrawal however i am unable to cancel or move forward from this point


Thanks for your feedback! Please, kindly, could you provide us your e-mail? Our support service will contact you.


i dont wish to put my email on a feedback forum. please just check your emails


You should have created a side email for something like this if you are not comfortable putting your main emails on a public forum. It won't take you up to 1 minutes to create one.


I just assumed that with the program name on show they would be able to compare against registered email in the backend. No biggy though cause emailed support and contacted 2 admins via telegram over it


Over 1 month and still not resolved


this is still an issue, program opened/closed on the 3rd april and 1000gvt was never returned