j2t with mt5 says 'too close' when setting buy orders, will this be same with gvt platform?

ryan 6 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 6 years ago 3

basically if you use a real j2t account (not gvt demo) when you want to enter a trade a few pips below where it is heading mt5 will tell you it is 'too close' to accept.

with binance and bittrex etc you can set buy orders 1 satoshi below where the current price is.

will we be bale to buy forex/cryptos right within range or will orders get rejected like they do with j2t?


I think it depends on the broker.

Hopefully the genesis markets broker will handle it the way binance etc are doing it so that you can choose this broker for your trades.

i hope so too, will have appeal if they can make it like binance etc


Thanks for your question! Exactly, it will depend on the particular broker who you trade with. Different types of orders suggest different condition which can be realized.

I can't discuss something about Genesis Market, but we are working on the problem.