Incorrect Returning funds total

ryan 6 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 6 years ago 4

I invested in a manager when gvt was 0026 sat, since then my manager has gone on to make several successful trades and a couple of small duds.

The manager had now closed the program and I have been returned half the gvt I inititally invested. The value of gvt on closure was 0023 sat.

If the manager has made wins and the exchange value of gvt has dropped then surely I should receive more back??

The manager only takes a 5% success fee.

Image 95

Image 96

Yep same thing happened to me with “SpaceTrade” less GVT returned


Thanks for your question! Please, contact our support service: support@genesis.vision

any update one this? u have the info above please look at accounts


Hello! Yeah, we've solved the problem. Unfortunetly, but it's a system lack. Actually, the manager got loss but in GV ecosystem it was not visible. We've already fixed it and hope that it won't be in the future. Thanks you!