Profit / Loss explaination

Justin 6 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 6 years ago 3

I investee 20 GVT. Got profit twice and a withdraw. So I invested 20 GVT, got 2.72 GVT profit and a withdraw of 2.656. 

So that makes a total of 5,376 GVT which I’ve received after invested. What happened to the other GVT? Was that a loss?

  • As you can see now I have to calculate it myself. That must be clear in a blink of an eye;
  • Please make it more clear what you’ve invested in a program, what the profit and loss was;
  • Instead of only a transaction list, there should be an overview of all running and completed programs you’ve invested in. When you click that program you’re seeing the stats of invested/profit/loss.

Can’t see the option to edit post on mobile here. Sorry for typo’s and using dot and comma in my example.


Thanks for your feedback! In the future, we will send notifications for all significant part of trading. But to understand what happens, please, contact our support service: support@genesis.vision.