What are requests to buy tokens?

Ace 6 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 5 years ago 2

As a new user who doesn't know anything the platform doesn't make clear that I am asking the Manager to trade their tokens to me.

Why isn't this automatic? The trader should be able to put up their tokens on the market at a price and it should auto-fill?

Under review

Thanks for your feedback! The start price of managers' tokens is $1. Depending on his or her trading activity, the price can change. Bellow, you can see how the price is calculated. The users of Genesis Vision ecosystem can not use market price untill Genesis Market will have launched. Follow the update.

When Genesis Vision internal exchange will be launched the price of managers’ tokens will be determined by a consumer demand. It means that everyone

will be able set his or her own price for particular tokens.

Until the internal exchange will be not launched, this price will be based on the ratio between the investors' fund to the total amount of the purchased tokens.

For example, manager A got $500 investments and gave 500 his or her own tokens to investors.  But his or her trading activity was not good and he lost investors’ $100. In this case, the price of the manager’s token can be calculated as $400/500 manager’s tokens=$0.8.