Manager Tokens "0" can still click "Invest" - Should Grey out

Va Da 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 2

On My PC,

I opened a Manger whose Tokens are "0". In reality the Invest Button Should be GREYED out.

I could click the Invest Button but No action.

I then went to View Profile. From here I could click the Invest and could go until the last screen to enter my GVT. at this point it tells me I went over the Limit.

When the Managers Tokens are "0" no one should be able to Click the Invest button. Invest Buttons should be GREYED.

Please see below for the picture which explains.

Please look into this.

Image 123


Thanks for your feedback! We are aware of the problem, and we will fix it. 


Thank you GV Dev team. Please keep up the good work.