Invest button on programs overview does not work

Tuan Le 6 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 5 years ago 5

Clicking on the buttons doesnt do anything. (Using Chrome Windows 10). It should go straight to the profile of the investor and open the popup where I can input the Amount of GVT i  wanna invest.

Image 125

Not a bug

Thanks for your feedback! The button doesn't work becase the managers have not got availble tokens.

Then, please make it unselectable or when clicked a message should pop "cannot invest - no managers tokens available" or something like that.. 

The investor will click and thinks that the app is not doing anything..

Please look into this.  I have already reported this yesterday.


Thanks for your feedback! GV developers have already got the task.

Thank you GV Dev team.. You guys are AWESOME!!!  Please keep up the good work..