% Profit CHART More Important than Total Profit CHART

Va Da 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 4

Your current Chart is based on the Total Profit. Since an investor looks for % Profit, the CHART that you show should be for % Profit.

If you can provide an option to select for % Profit Chart and Total Profit Chart would be nice to have.

Thank you Dev team.  Please keep up the good work.


Thanks for your feedback! If I understand you right, you mention about the graph on an investor's dashboard. So, we will bear it in mind. 

Manager Chart: There should be % Profit Chart also.  Currently Total Profit Chart is available.

Though % Profit Chart is MORE important for an Investor to see an option to select Total Profit as well is good.

Investor: For an Investor there should be a % Profit Chart to see how he is performing with his investment.

I strongly feel that the above are very important features I would look at from an Investor Perspective.

Thanks for it! We will implement it via the new concept of sorting and filtres.

Thank you GV Dev team.  Please keep up the good work.