Managers Ranking - How?

Va Da 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 3

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I think it's the 'Secret Feature' that was promised. This means that the real winners of the competition will remain a secret until the platform is live.


Thanks for your question! To determine the winners, two main indicators will be used: the average profit percentage and the average drawdown percentage. The average profit is the sum of the profits during each day divided by the number of days. The minimum average profit percentage is for winning a contest is 5% at its conclusion.

The current ranking is based on AVG.Profit. 

I guess the AVG Profit Chart of a Manager will be misleading to an Investor.


If Manager #1 has invested $10,000 and makes 10% profit, it is $1,000 AVG Profit.

and If another Manager #2 has invested $1,000 and makes 50% profit, it is $500 AVG profit.

Based on your current Manager's Chart, you say they are based on AVG Profit. So, it means that Manager #1, with $1,000 & 10% Profit is Ranked #1, than the Manager #2, with $500 & 50% Profit is Ranked #2.

I guess this is not correct from an Investor Perspective.

I, as an Investor, want to see which Manager is Performing well based on the %Profit.  In the above example Manager #2 did very well than Manager #1.  So, Manager #2 should be Ranked #1 and Manager #1 should be Ranked #2.

Personally, I would like to emphasize the importance of % Profit Charts for both Managers and Investors.

Thank you.