intraday drawdown percentage

Hedgebitcoin 5 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 3 years ago 3

Please add a feature that keeps track of intraday drawdown on traders open positions. At an internal of 5minutes if possible. If not, atleast once per every hour.  Therefore investors can see the true volatility of profit/loss percentages within the traders strategy.  Without proper drawdown metrics, an investor would not be able to calculate the risk vs reward of one's strategy.  If you need examples of intraday drawdown statistics, please visit myfxbook and view the equity curve in relation to the account balance. 


Thanks for your feedback! Currently, to calculate the risk and reward, an investor can look at the equity chart and avg.Profitt. Anyway, we will bear it in mind to make the process of investment more transparency! 



Can you double check your code to ensure this is working properly. I've already noticed that the records are not accurate on 


The trader had a 70% drawdown on the GBPJPY trades and the max drawdown is only showing 52%. That's a huge difference in real time drawdown vs what your have recorded. 

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We will address this issue to our IT department to check. 

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