frequent network drop outs

ryan 6 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 4 years ago 4

ive noticed frequent drop outs with the GenesismarketsLP-Demo server.

Image 170

Ive had it at both home and work on various devices:

- windows 10 desktop

- windows 10 lenovo laptop 

- el capitan mac 

bit annoying and slightly risky when hedging and the network drops.


Thanks for your feedback! We are already fixing it! 

Dear Client,

Could you please specify what exactly you find disappointing? We are trying to do our best to improve our platform and to meet our clients' expectations!

Best regards,

Genesis Vision team

how about all the referral points in genesis markets that are unobtainable and unusable for a start? I've asked several times via email and telegram chat to hear nothing back. I spent along time getting users to the platform and the rewards are fake

Dear Bryan Copper,

Could you please specify your e-mail address you used to register on Genesis Markets with so we could check your refferal account?

Best regards,

Genesis Vision team