tournament issue - order book for btcusd seems to be stuck

ryan 6 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 5 years ago 7

seems to be wedged on orders around $7580 and actual price is around $7400 at time of logging

Image 171

and yes i have refreshed the page

Under review

Thanks for your feedback! Kindly, could you specify your question and ask it in more detail?

its not a question. look at the order book in the screenshot, its stuck around $7580, now look at the ask/sell price they are around $7400.

looks like there's a problem in general.

take eos for example, current price is 001616 on binance

but in mt5 stuck around 00163

literally as ive juts submitted that everything seems to have come alive. youve fixed problem haha

its gone again, things arent matching up. making it quite hard to trade right now...

price of ltc on binance is 16141

on genesis server is 1596 sell 16370 buy

at this rate im worried my SL or TP wont process???


We've discovered the problem, kindly, if you will have got the problem again, please, contact our support service as soon as possible: support@genesis.vision and be ready to provide the description and screenshots of the problem.