USDT Pairing and USDT Denominated Accounts (Genesis Markets)

whoknows19500 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 2

Would it be possible to have a USDT denominated accounts at GenesisMarkets?

If so, Would this enable the USDT/Pairs for trading as well?

The benefit of the usdt denominated account would allow traders to sit in USDT during bearish markets without losing any money.

Maybe we can even see GVT/USDT Pairing in the future at several exchanges. 


Thanks for your question! Within Genesis Markets there will be available all the trading instruments which are on the Binance (or on other exchanges when we integrate them). USDT denominated account does not available for the trading on Genesis Markets. Nowadays there are only three types of accounts (USD, BTC and ETH) but we will bear it in mind to add a few more variety of accounts. As for the pair GVT/USDT, currently, the pair doesn't exist on the exchanges, but we will think about to add it.

Oh ok. Thatz fine. I didnt see the second reply.

Usd btc and eth.