What if manager goes on vacation

Jason 6 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 6 years ago 1

Is there a function that allows managers to temporarily close their program for a few weeks when they go on vacation? That way the investment money is not just sitting there. I think there should be an option for manager to temporarily close their account when trading period ends if they need to stop trading for vacation or other purposes


Thanks for your feedback! In the future, a manager will be able to notify his investors about some interruption of his trading activity without a closing of his program. But the feature to close manager's program for time will not be implemented, cause in this case, investors' funds will be without work, and it means that investors will lose their money and potential profit. If you want to go on vacation, you should notify your investors by a particular button which will appear into your program or just close your program without a possibility to reestablish it.