what is the default view on the investor portal

ryan 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 2

there is not clear indicator to how the top ranked managers appear on the default page of the portal.

when you first land they look like this:

Image 183

the order shows me 1-5 and i expect that these are the very best managers.

however when i apply different filters the results change.

managers with an average 100% profit, none of these are among the default:

Image 184

managers with over 2000gvt (not in order either), only 1 is shown on the default page:

Image 185

there is a fault with this filter as managers now have over 100k profit and are filtered out as the max you can search on balance is 100k, this does not show quanstbridge who has +200k but still the results are different:

Image 186

so the question is how have you defined the top elite? algorith, random, most recent tardes, improved performance, style?? would be good to know.


Thanks for your feedback! The order of display default shows the order by level. It's not a random algorithm. Also, you can choose some filters or sorting.

So it is. I neve even thought to look at that. Thanks