Portfolio value

jdkiger 6 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 6 years ago 1

I know I started with 100gvt when this app came out. How do I see how many I have now?  I do see my portfolio total in USD but I'm not sure if I made money or lost it over the past few months.  Since the usd/gvt price is constantly going down I figure if I know how many gvt my portfolio is equivalent to I'd be able to see if I made or lost money.  I think the tracking of gains / losses is lacking in this app and it should be the number one piece of information to the user. We should know exactly where your money is at all times. That's what we are there for.  No math should be needed by the user to find out if we gained or lost money. All manager and success fees should be factored in and there should be one VERY IMPORTANT piece of information on the dashboard.  How much we are up or down,  in gvt and usd, that's the bottom line! Any company can tell you that's the most important thing.  Portfolio in usd is ok but not my primary concern. Did I gain or lose. At this point I'm not sure. I know the wallet tab is there but I get a long list of convoluted number showing ins and outs. I need a simplified breakdown.  How much is invested,  where it is, and what's the total value.  If I'm invested in three or 4 managers I need to see how many of their coins I have and the value as well.  I know the wallet is only showing me how much I have available to invest but we need a much sleeker simplified breakdown of exactly where the money is. No average person will use this app otherwise. Numbers all over the place,  portfolio says $1100, wallet says 6 gvt/$100, investments in and out of the wallet tab all convoluted and confusing.  Sorry for the ranting,  I just want to see this be a success. 


Thanks for your feedback! Currently, we are working on the reconceptualization of the dashboard. We have already planned the changes what you mentioned. Anyway, it is always useful to get constructive feedback cause it means that we go in the right direction. Have a great day!