Add Tutorial Video to Genesis Vision Website till Official Video & Possibly to all versions

robust233 6 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 6 years ago 1

A great individual from the Genesis Vision community has created a tutorial video regarding the Alpha Investor Portal that helps inform investors. I believe this would be helpful towards new individuals in the community who don't understand the Investor Portal and because of that misunderstanding they'd make the decision to withdraw their investment in Genesis Vision. While I believe that an Official tutorial is to come out by the Genesis Vision team a Tutorial isn't out and is desperately needed with the surge of interest and new investors in the platform. In the mean time, I think this video should be used to help investors till an official video comes out by the GV Team! Thanks GV Team!!


Youtube video

Thanks for your support and efforts! We will distribute it between our information channels to improve an understanding the platform. It is handy. We really appreciate it. Thanks again!