OrderBook limitations

whoknows19500 6 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 5 years ago 3

Unable to trade at best Bids and Ask. Please remove the restrictions. 

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Not a bug

Thanks for your feedback! During the last crypto round, the orders were executed at best "bid" and "ask" prices regardless of their volumes ,but the orders are not fulfilled under real market execution. Therefore you could buy or sell any volume of the best price than is available in fact. The orders' conditions didn't meet the conditions of the real market since it is impossible to execute all the orders by the best price. 

Now we are close to real trading because orders execute only for the actual volume. Currently, if you want to execute your order by the best price but there is no available volume, your order will be executed by the best price partially and then the remaining part will be executed by the price of the next position.

The demo environment should reflect real order conditions. You can't put a limit on where orders can be placed and say this is real when it is not true. In a real market I can place order between the spread with what ever volume that I choose. 

If you want to handle this appropriately, you simply limit the amount of VOLUME at the best BID ask. 

Honestly I am more concerned about the Real Live version as I am making strategies for the REAL Genesis markets.  


As a representative of Genesis Vision project, I apologize for the misunderstanding. Actually, it was a restriction from our side. Now, the limit has been canceled and you can place your order between spread. I'm sorry for that again and thank you for your attentiveness