Allow Market Sell once Buy Position exist

whoknows19500 6 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 5 years ago 3

Currently buy only exists on the alt pairs. This means once we have a position open , lets say GVT/BTC position of 1 GVT is filled and at a profit we can not click the SELL Market button to close the position because of the " Sell Orders are not allowed" As a result we have to submit a Sell Limit or a Sell Stop order.  There is no possible way to simply close the buy position at Market price using the One-Click Trading feature inside the Metatrader platform


Can this be addressed? 

Already working now.

Something is not right about this function. sometimes it works, other times it does not

I have a Sell position on BTCUSD and I can not close it ,


Thanks for your feedback anyway! If you notice it again, please, immediately contact our support service: support@genesis.vision