Allow partial Coin purchase

whoknows19500 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 1

The Lotsize on alt coins is fixed at 1.0 , However, when you tested your bridge to binance your Testing bot was placing 0.1 GVT positions.  Can you allow 0.1 lotsize or 0.01? 

Placing 1.0 lotsize on altcoins such as BCC are rather expensive.  Further reductions in LOTSIZE should allow the trader to suit their own BankRoll. Please consider fixing this quickly. Thank you

I just checked the AccountInfo script and it says Lotsize 1.0 again. https://charts.mql5.com/18/488/gvtbtc-m1-genesis-markets-lp.png

It was 0.1 on GVT and 0.01 on some other coins such as ETH and BCC over the weekend.